Desmiit Summer Swim Shorts

Por Desmiit
Color: S6020 Black

Elevate your swim game with these Desmiit Summer Swim Shorts! Made of durable, waterproof nylon fabric, these brief-style shorts are perfect for the daring man who loves a challenge. Featuring a mid-waist fit with elastic waist and drawstring closure, these shorts are designed for comfort and movement. The bold solid color and short length add an extra touch of adventure to your swimwear collection. Available in sizes M-XXXL, these swim trunks are sure to fit true to size. Don't miss out on the chance to elevate your swim style with these Desmiit Summer Swim Shorts. Dive into the unknown with these Desmiit Summer Swim Shorts! Constructed from tough and water-resistant nylon material, these short-style trunks are ideal for fearless men who crave excitement. With a mid-waist cut and secured by an elastic waistband and drawstring, these shorts offer maximum comfort and flexibility. The vibrant solid hue and abbreviated design bring an extra dose of thrill to your swimwear repertoire. Offered in sizes ranging from M to XXXL, these swim trunks are guaranteed to fit perfectly. Don't pass up the opportunity to elevate your swim look with these Desmiit Summer Swim Shorts!

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