Learning to drive is a milestone in any young man’s life, a rite of passage that comes with a mix of excitement and nervousness. For me, this experience took an unexpected turn when my gym teacher, Mr. Luca, offered to be my driving instructor. I was a senior and still didn’t have my driver’s license and approaching my 19th birthday fast.  

Mr. Luca was not just any gym teacher; he was known for his friendly demeanor, approachability, and dedication to his students' overall well-being. Little did I know that his expertise extended beyond the gymnasium to the realm of driving. It didn’t hurt that he was sexy as hell. I’ve had a life-long obsession with men of Italian descendant and I think it’s safe to say it all started with him. 

It all began when I expressed my anxieties about learning to drive to Mr. Luca after a casual conversation after gym class. To my surprise, he offered to give me driving lessons that weekend, emphasizing that he had experience teaching friends and many young family members how to drive. Intrigued and grateful for the unexpected opportunity, I agreed to take him up on his offer.

On the first day of our unconventional driving lessons, Mr. Luca arrived at my house in his neatly polished car, ready to impart his driving wisdom. As I approached his car, he stepped out of his vehicle and yes - of course he was wearing grey sweatpants. I could see his member right through the jersey material and could also tell he was wearing a jockstrap. The impression of his cockhead stuck out like it always did everyday of gym class that I tried not to stare at his mid section. 

Because of Mr. Luca I had started wearing a jockstrap all the time. And every night I’d jack off to thoughts of him working out with me in the school gym. We’d head to the showers after a hard workout and as we undressed - he noticed me looking at him as I soaped up and soon he’d be feeding me his cock or hanging onto my jock like a strap as he plowed my ass from behind. My jockstrap was ripe with my own cum from my naughty thoughts of my sexy gym teacher.

Our driving lessons began with a thorough review of the basics. Mr. Luca's calm and reassuring demeanor helped ease my nerves, making the learning process more enjoyable. But I was quite distracted by how attracted I was to him, especially up close in the same car together. He didn’t seem to notice my lingering stares. Even his forearms were so sexy to me, with quite a bit of dark black hair and rippling muscles as he demonstrated the 10 & 2 steering wheel stance. 

He explained the mechanics of the car, the importance of defensive driving, and the significance of following traffic rules. But all I could think about was how hot it would be to be French kissing him with that dark thick mustache on his face on mine. My mind was definitely somewhere else. 

One of the unexpected advantages of having a gym teacher as a driving instructor was the emphasis on physical fitness during our lessons. Mr. Luca encouraged stretching and maintaining good posture while driving, relating it to the importance of flexibility and balance in both activities. With his manly hands, he positioned my body in an upright position in the car seat. It was at that moment he noticed my hard-on sticking straight up stretching my jockstrap and gym shorts to their limit.

Oddly, I was not embarrassed. It helped that he smiled wickedly as if he knew the entire time I had the hots for him. As we navigated through city streets and suburban roads, Mr. Luca shared his own driving experiences. His first car. His first road trip. His first road head. Wait what? I tried not to act shocked but inside I was dying inside. Was that a move? These stories provided valuable insights and created a sense of camaraderie between us. Our unconventional driving lessons had evolved into an opportunity to connect with my teacher crush on a personal level and I was loving it.

Soon I realized he had navigated us to a remote park by a lake and he told me to park near this picnic area to the far side. He got out and I followed him into the woods a bit. Suddenly he stopped and turned around to me and he pulled out his cock.

“I know what you want.”

Yes he did. Without hesitation, I was on my knees. I was licking his balls still nestled partly in his jockstrap and I took a big long whiff and it was the hottest smell I had ever smelled in my young life. I’m getting hard justing writing about it now. He grabbed my head with both of his manly hands and fucked my face just the way he liked it. It was rough but tender, intense but sensual. He’d hold me down onto his cock all the way down my throat. His dick was so veiny - I couldn’t get enough. 

Then he’d let me go enough for me to catch my breath before shoving it right back down my throat again. I had my own dick out jerking it hard but edging because I didn’t want this to stop. He did stop briefly to notice my jockstrap and gave me a nod of approval. We’re weren’t talking and it was such a turn-on. I had precum everywhere - on my shorts, the bottom of my tee shirt, on the band of my jockstrap, down by my knee. I started playing with my ass - lubing it up with my precum which got Mr. Luca’s attention. He had a plan. 

After I had fingered my self a few minutes, he lifted me in one swoop and placed me on a nearby picnic table on the edge of the woods. He pulled down my shorts, but left my jockstrap on. He then lifted my legs and began to eat my ass like he was starving for it. Not just licking it, but sucking on it, gnawing on my hole softly but vigorously. It felt incredible. It was at this moment I realized he was preparing to fuck me. I had fingered myself for years, but never had an actual dick inside me and he was a thick-dicked man. But no matter what, I was going to take it. 

He held my ankles high up together with one hand, his arm muscles rippling. I bet it made my ass look like a pussy to him. He spat on my ass and he slid his thumb in my hole. Amazingly it felt like I was lubed up. His dick was so engorged and red, it looked like it was going to explode. His own precum was around his cock head as he placed it firmly against my asshole. And then he began to enter me. It was the most painful and pleasurable experience of my life. I told myself I could recover the next day - and no matter what just go with it. 

After he slid his thick dick all the way inside me, it was like my ass was made for his cock. We looked at each other and I gave him the nod to continue and that I would be okay. Soon he was pounding my ass with his ever-enlarging dick like a beast inside me. He was breathing so hard, and I was moaning so loud, we surely scared the nearby wildlife. His body was covered in sweat but he never let go of my ankles. I felt like the aged picnic table might not survive the pounding my ass was taking as it began to shift and squeak more and more.

Without a word, Mr. Luca looked at me and I assured him I was ok for the approaching finish. He started pounding me harder, breathing heavier, and let out a howl as he came inside me for what seemed like hours. I could feel his seed filling my guts. I never felt so used or so appreciated in my life. After he came, he stayed inside me a bit - still holding my ankles and looking down at my cum covered ass as it had started leaking out onto his jockstrap. He awkwardly kissed my knee before helping me off the picnic table.  

By the end of our sessions, I felt not only confident behind the wheel but also grateful for the unique learning experience Mr. Luca had provided. In the end, the unexpected journey of learning to drive with my gym teacher proved to be a memorable experience. I’m not sure if I’ve ever had a fucking experience as hot as that one but so grateful it was with an experienced man I was attracted to. 

That Spring, Mr. Luca and I spent a handful of other afternoons in the woods by the lake. Before I left for college, I asked him for one of his jockstraps. He obliged and it was the one he wore our first time and smelled like he hadn’t washed it since. I still have it to this day and it is a priced possession.  



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Daniel Bynum