Suck Socks


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Color: Blue

The always classic Suck Socks is a comfortable and versatile sock. It is a great alternative to footed pajamas, making it easy to transition from sleep time to time in the morning. The cushioned foot will keep feet happy while providing insulation and comfort as they sleep. Ideal for those who prefer a lighter sock because there is no heavy material under the footbed.

These appealing Suck Socks for men have a thick, tapering design that adds interest to their favorite shoes and is a simple yet effective way to create a trendy look. Regular cuffs give a sophisticated and businesslike appearance while being comfortable due to the superior fabric. Including these socks in your casual outfit is a fantastic option.

Socks Tube Height: Middle Tube
Thickness: STANDARD
Sock Type: Casual
Material: Cotton
High: Crew
Item Type: Sock

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