In the bustling halls of Thorndyke Prep School, there was a secret that lurked beneath the surface of the school's athletic culture—a secret that revolved around a piece of sports equipment: the jockstrap.

Enter Jake Butler, star multi-sport athlete but not good enough grades to get into the college of his choice. Thorndyke Prep School was full of young men out of high school but not ready for college.

Jake was the best built young man to grace the sports fields of Thorndyke Prep. Jake seemed to have it all: athleticism, charisma, and a smile that could melt even the coldest of hearts. But behind closed doors, Jake harbored a secret obsession—one that would shock his beloved alma mater.

It all started innocently enough. Jake's fascination with jockstraps began during his first year, a mere curiosity sparked by a few glances in the locker room among his new teammates. As Jake's prep school career progressed, his interest evolved into something more—a full-blown obsession that consumed most of his waking thoughts and a lot of when he was asleep.

Second year he was lucky enough to room with Joey Dematta, New Jersey as New Jersey makes them and also a jockstrap enthusiast. Even though when Joey could, he’d rather walk around nude in just his tall white athletic socks or in a towel between the community shower or around the lockerroom busting everybody’s balls.

One day when Joey was napping, Jake saw an opportunity he had been dreaming of. Joey had left this sweaty jockstrap on the floor by his bed. Jake snuck over silently like a lion moving towards its prey. He gathered up the sweaty jockstrap, still wet from Joey’s workout and placed it under his mattress for safe keeping. Joey’s jockstraps would be the first in Jake’s jockstrap collection.

Every night before bed, Jake would slip his gym shorts down and grab his dick in his own jockstrap and start jacking off slowly. Then he’d reach down and pull out Joey’s jockstrap from underneath his mattress and shove it into his face, breathing in vigorously as he slowly jacked his dick. It never took him long to unload his milk onto the sheets. And more times, than not, he would do it again. Sniff. Jack. Repeat. It amazed Jake how strong Joey’s sweat and man musk permeated his jockstrap. This went on for weeks.

Soon Jake had his eye on growing his jockstrap collection. One day the chance to add two other jockstraps in his collection came about in the jock dorm shower - one from Emilio, a Spaniard soccer player and one from Sam Jenkins, a wrestler from Jacksonville FL. They were just lying there on the ground by their towels and toiletries as they showered. Jake scooped them up swiftly and could barely resist instantly stuffing them in his face. Once in the safety of his room, it didn’t take Jake long realizing  the coast was clear and he had the two new jockstraps wrapped around his head for a quick jack session before Joey got back from class.

Jake was in heaven - sometimes jacking off three times a night to each jockstrap in his collection. He then also started jacking off to them when he woke up while Joey was on his morning run. His collection of jockstraps grew with each passing season, an eclectic array of colors, styles, and brands that lined the bulging side of his mattress. But what Jake didn’t know is that Joey, Emilio, Sam and the rest of the jock dorm knew about his obsession.

One day after class toward the end of his last semester at Thorndyke Prep, Jake entered the dorm but it was strangely silent, missing the regular antics and sounds of young men living together. He unlocked his dorm door and was amazed what he saw. There stood 20 guys in his dorm room jacking off, each in their own jockstrap. The star pitcher, a couple of track guys, the entire starting lineup of the basketball team, and there was Emilio, Sam and Joey - all stroking their cocks out in the open. After a moment to comprehend what was going on, Jake stripped out of his hoodie and shorts - down to his socks and jockstrap - and began to stroke his cock as well. Joey pushed him down to his knees as all the young men with their dicks out gathered around him.

“We thought we’d give you a big sendoff,” Joey said, as all the young men gathered closer to where Jake was knelt down. Emilio was jacking off his thick uncut cock vigorously and immediately stepped up toward Jake, grabbing his head and shoving Jake’s face into his ball sack. Soon the Spaniard was spewing a huge load of leche all over Jake’s face, shoulders, and back. And when he had milked every drop of his load onto Jake, he slipped off his jockstrap, wiped the remaining cum off his dick with it, and stuffed it in Jake’s mouth.

Then it was Sam’s turn. He was a pale redhead with bright orange pubs, and his bright red veiny dick was engorged and ready to explode. He held Jake’s head tightly under his ball sack and matched the load Emilio had left. Jake slipped Sam’s jockstrap down his long legs and placed it on his shoulder for safe keeping.

Jake couldn’t believe this was happening as he looked around the room. One by one - the pitcher, the basketball team, the track guys - all dropped their loads on him and left their cummy jockstraps in Jake’s lap. Then there was only one guy left. Joey stepped up and Jake buried his face in his crotch to discover a familiar smell that got him instantly ready to unload himself.

“This what you been dreaming of Butler, huh?” Joey talking shit just got Jake harder but he wanted to wait for this last load. “Ok Butler, this one’s for you, you sick son of a bitch!”

And with that Joey grunted like a wounded beast and unloaded what seemed like gallons of man cum all over Jake, completely covering every inch of him that didn’t already have cum on it.

Joey smacked Jake in the face with his still cummy semi-hard cock as Jake couldn’t hold out any longer and came himself all over his new collection of jockstraps.

“We’re gonna miss you, Butler.”

And so that’s the tale of Jake Butler and his jockstrap obsession at Thorndyke Prep. Still to this day Jake always gets hard when he thinks about jockstraps, and will never forget that sendoff from his dorm mates.


Daniel Bynum