I remember the first time I ever wore a jockstrap. Apparently someone in my family noticed I had reached puberty while enjoying our summers at North Myrtle Beach and told my mom I needed some support in the swimsuit department, especially when coming out of the ocean and pool. I know this would have never crossed the mind of my mom or dad.

So the summer before high school was spent getting used to my ACE swimwear athletic supporter. It didn’t take me long. Before college, I had a small collection including my favorite and the classic of all jockstraps - BIKE. I also had a thin-strap PAL brand jockstrap that my cousin said looked like panties. It didn’t deter me from wearing it every chance I got. Years later, I realized I had grown to love the feel, the texture, the fit of jockstraps. I especially enjoyed how the elastic tugged at my ass cheeks and kept my sweaty balls off my leg during the summer. Never one to walk around the lockerroom naked, I freely walked around in my jockstrap. 

Between the breathability of the material, the support of the sack, and the bit of showoff in me, I soon found I had a growing collection of jocks in my college dorm dresser. I was a late entry into my college and somehow I ended up on the Jock dorm, specifically the soccer team hall. One Italian olive-skinned Adonis from New Jersey with those soccer legs and ass would walk up and down the hall in just his Spalding jockstrap, white socks, and slides. Spank bank material for years on that spectacle, all the while in my own jockstrap.

After college, my first job was in a manufacturing plant. I soon found myself wearing jockstraps to work, on the weekends, and around the house. And yes I would smell them whenever I took them off, like every other man right? While at my work’s onsite gym lockerroom shower, I had one of my first encounters with a jockstrap enthusiast. Let’s just say he likes the smack of the strap on my ass cheeks. I may never wear regular underwear ever again!

I love the newfound interest in jockstraps. To see them on Instagram posts and TikTok videos by straight and gay men and sites like https://thelockerroomjock.com/ that specializes in jockstrap culture is so rewarding. I love how a whole new generation are embracing the fit, feel and look of a well-made jockstrap. Share your first experience wearing a jockstrap in the comment section!



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Daniel Bynum


Super Hot Guy! Great story too! I bet he needed an Xtra Large Jockstrap WOOF

— Tommy

Wonderful and so full of male talk about straps. I too, enjoy them, having them to wear with my kilt when lived in Scotland and UK. Especially the olive colour, my mates like it when they get a peak of my mesh basket of my jock when my legs are spread and my kilts open. Cheers mate!

— Jack Reese