Bechoice Sophomore Trunks 4-Pack

Color: 4 Colors

This sort of men's underwear is tighter than loose-fitting trunks, so your buttocks will feel more defined. When shopping for the best men's undergarments, one of the most significant factors to consider is whether you like trunks. Being at ease does not exclude adaptation. Though contemporary trunks are more comfortable as fabric quality improves, classic trunks remain relevant.

This kind of men's underwear is more snug-fitting your butt is more defined. Being cozy does not imply that you have less flexibility. Though contemporary trunk is more comfortable because of developments in nylon quality, classic trunks have not lost their significance.

Pattern Type: Patchwork
Material: Cotton, Nylon


Jock level 

      😇  Sophomore jock

      😏  Discrete jock

 →  💪🏼  Alpha jock

      😈  Naughty jock

      🍆  Wild jock

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