Flat Silicone Cockring

Proveedor OLO


In most cases, the daily grind puts a strain on your appetite for sex. You get home feeling drained and have no more interest in sharing an intimate moment with your partner, forgetting the fact it’s not fair to starve someone special and it’s not befitting that you deprive yourself of pleasure. If you’re one of those men with a declining libido, then it’s time to spice up sex with this Flat Silicone Cock Ring!

Whether you are a newbie or an experienced user, you’ll find the flat silicone cock ring a perfect sex companion. Made of high-grade silicone, it is 100% guaranteed. Being non-porous and phthalates-free, it won’t accumulate bacteria so you can be confident using it again and again provided you clean it properly. Silicone is also soft to the touch, giving you a natural feel once it’s inside. After each use, clean it with anti-bacterial soap, rinse it well, and you’re good to go.

Material: Silicone
Item Type: Penis Rings


Jock level 

      😇  Sophomore jock

      😏  Discrete jock

      💪🏼  Alpha jock

      😈  Naughty jock

 →  🍆  Wild jock

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