Balls In Prostate Massager

Proveedor Olo

Everyone has been there. You're out and about, yet you're already horny. You can't wait to come home, undress, and have some much-needed sexual time. Whether you're single or have a companion with whom to share your most intimate moments, it never hurts to have a little aid to make you cum.

This Balls In Prostate Massager will quickly become your best buddy. Because of its small size and discreet appearance, you may take it anyplace and no one would suspect anything! How thrilling it must be to carry a nasty little secret in your purse or even your pocket?

Type: G-Spot
Material: Silicone
Item Type: Vibrators

Jock level 

      😇  Sophomore jock

      😏  Discrete jock

      💪🏼  Alpha jock

      😈  Naughty jock

 →  🍆  Wild jock

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